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The Ellicott City Soccer Club (ECSC or CITY) is the name of a new soccer club that was introduced to the Howard County community on April 5, 2014. ECSC is committed to bringing a high-quality club that will meet the needs of all players and families. The club will be serviced by soccer people, making soccer decisions that will benefit every participant.  We know that there are many soccer options in the Howard County area, but ECSC feels that there is one trade mark that sets them apart.  ECSC believes in developing the whole child through soccer experiences.  Participants in the club will learn the technical and tactical part of the game, but more importantly, they will learn how to be a better person through the sport of soccer.  ECSC will discuss the importance of giving back to the greater community.  This is evident in the many partnerships already established with ECSC including: the Ulman Cancer Fund, Headers for Hope, The Scleroderma Foundation and Special Olympics.  With the experience of veteran leadership and new ideas, The Ellicott City Soccer Club will bring a high-quality program that will produce outstanding soccer players and outstanding people.


Through its affiliation with youth soccer leagues competing nationally and internationally, the Ellicott City Soccer Club will strive to create opportunities for personal growth using soccer as the means, regardless of financial capacity or ability. The goal will be to assist families in developing responsible youth using a soccer organization that is serviced by professional soccer people, making soccer decisions for the good of each participant.


City was founded in April 2014 and kicked off the first season Fall 2014. City launched with 26 teams and over 350 participants in our programs. City has partnered with Chapelgate Christian Academy to use their facilities as our home field. We practice throughout Howard County using turf fields allocated by Howard County Rec and Parks. in the early years teams participated in local leagues and tournaments but we have expanded into regional play for our teams and play in the Club Champions League or CCL! Below is how the idea became reality.

"Seven years ago I was sitting with a group of soccer people made up of ex-players and administrators who grew up in Howard County and had given the better part of the life to the game of soccer.  The discussion focused on the people who put Howard County club soccer on the map thanks to the Sports Illustrated article, which hailed Howard County “ The Heartland of Soccer”.  The discussion lead to the following question; what would an ideal soccer club look like.  The club would have to be run by people who have a strong soccer background and have the business sense to make the club successful, so that the technical staff could focus on player development. The idea of starting a new club had begun that day. Over the next six months other career opportunities were presented to people in the group and the idea of starting a new club was put on hold for another day. That day came April 5th of 2014 when Tim Ryerson announced the Ellicott City Soccer Club at a press conference at Turf Valley."-Bill Stara Founding Member and former Technical Director of ECSC

Offered Programs

Tot Development Academy

For 3-5 year olds not yet in school during the day we will offer a program one day a week clinic from 1pm-2pm for children that would like to participate in our club whereas the goal is to develop a relationship with a soccer ball... Read more

Youth Development Academy

For 5-8 year olds currently in elementary school we will offer a one day a week clinic. The goal will be to start working on basic skills with and without the ball. ...Read more

Transitional Academy

For 9-12 year olds seeking technical training in addition to recreational league play. This program is intended to help with the transition from Recreational soccer  to Travel soccer. ... Read more

Travel Overview

Our goal is to develop technical and tactical soccer players. We work hard to inspire each player to live and love the game and to achieve his or her goals... Read more

Special Needs Program

Do you know a child with special needs who would love to meet new friends, exercise and learn to play soccer?

ECSC hosts clinics in both the fall and spring whereas players participating will learn basic soccer skills, play soccer related games... Read more

Ellicott City Soccer Club "Pick-up with a PRO" Program

Do you remember when you used to play in the front yard or in the street? In the last 20 years the level of training and instruction provided to youth soccer players at all levels has increased dramatically in the United States... Read more