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Pick Up with a Pro

Do you remember when you used to play in the front yard or in the street? In the last 20 years the level of training and instruction provided to youth soccer players at all levels has increased dramatically in the United States. Over the same time period, the amount of structure and control placed on our children by coaches and parents has also increased. There has been just as much of an increase in computer games and inside play dates. These pick-up games give kids the opportunity to explore soccer in a way that they cannot in a structured win focused environment. The lesson here is that structured soccer, with a focus on winning teaches the “safe” play, while unstructured play (in any sport) leads to creativity. While we know that unstructured play cannot replace excellent coaching, we believe that a combination of both gives our players the best chance to excel at and enjoy the game.

Reintroducing pick-up soccer and giving kids a chance to play and explore soccer in their own way. The best part is that is free and without any structure.

For the kids: Bring a ball, wear your soccer shoes and your shin guards and bring a water bottle. Meet new friends and play soccer without the adults getting in the way.

For the parents:  Bring your kids and a lawn chair. Sit back away from the field. Don’t add structure, create teams or give advice – just act like you would while watching them at the school playground. Relax and enjoy the break while watching your child have fun.

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SPRING DATES-March 30th and April 6th at Marriotts Ridge HS from 6-8pm. Pros to be named soon!