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Ellicott City Soccer Club

International Travel with ECSC

ECSC will promote International Travel within the club. We will be taking teams from the club with Ryerson Soccer ( to represent ECSC abroad. Part of our overall club experience and a critical piece to the overall development of our participants will feature these types of trips. Some of the reasons we feel International Tours are beneficial;

International youth sport tours are travel programs that provide youth teams with the opportunity to travel to and compete against sport teams from other countries. In addition to competing, the team members and their families and/or friends are able to tour the countries, cities and areas where the competitions are held. These team sport competitions, therefore, afford experiences and benefits that are difficult to duplicate without international travel taking place. One cannot compare going to another city in the US with the experiences of going abroad.

The educational component that takes place during the international travel experience is another very apparent positive effect of international sport competitions. Hearing a new language, being immersed in another culture, shopping with foreign money in a store where English is not the primary language, seeing and visiting attractions that are the highlights of trips taken; visiting museums and castles like the Varberg Castle on our Swedish itinerary; going to local festivals and concerts and living as though a resident of a foreign country provides experiences that cannot be duplicated by reading or in the classroom.

Friendships, sometimes lifelong, develop during these travel programs. Meeting with opponents and their families during and after the competitions (socials with opponents and their families are offered in the form of BBQs and the like) allow participants to start interactions that often result in written correspondence via social media and future exchange visits. Competition often results in the reducing of psychological, sociological, cultural and language barriers that impede interaction with others. It also fosters existing friendships with teammates and usually results in better team chemistry on and off the field!