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Welcome to CITY. Our goal is to develop technical and tactical soccer players. We work hard to inspire each player to live and love the game and to achieve his or her goals.  We strive to develop and prepare players for the demands of competitive soccer at both the local, regional and international levels.  Our purpose is to field competitive soccer teams comprised of dedicated players committed to a higher level of instruction and competition, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and discipline. We want to make sure that the participants get better today than they were yesterday while making the experience fun in a safe learning environment.

We also know CITY can be a stepping stone to the highest level of competition for any player between the ages of 7 and 16 years old. Players are coached by licensed professional coaches. The league in which each ECSC team plays is determined by many factors, including the ability of the players and the goals of the club for each team. The club will decide which league each team will play in. Most teams will compete in the Club Champions League (CCL) as well as local leagues but the emphasis will be on developing players. The club will select and handle all registration for leagues and the selected tournaments.

Our club philosophy is built on the following three core values: 

1.      We are soccer people serving soccer families

2.      We serve every playing level including special needs

3.      We seek development of the whole individual.

CITY coaches will strive to develop every player both on and off the field. Our coaches provide the highest quality training. Participation in our program allows players to experience problem solving, teamwork and goal setting. Coaches will set achievable individual and small group goals depending on the level of play. Each player receives written player evaluations to help maintain their development and track his or her progress to certain goals. The goals and evaluations for each team and individual will be discussed with the parents and the kids so there are clear expectations each year. Each coach will be evaluated each season by the Technical Director. We will also have goals for the club. We will celebrate our success and evaluate ourselves to see how we measured up as a club at the year-end City Awards Banquet. We will strive to instill pride in the club and will encourage the success of each individual, team and club participant, parent, coach, fan and administrator. We are CITY!

Travel Costs

 2016/17 Travel Program Costs
Our payment structure includes: Birth-year team fees, CITY club membership dues ($275/player), and a travel uniform kit ($325/per player). The team fees and club membership dues will be paid as part of the online acceptance process on our website. The travel uniform kit is ordered separately through and is due 6/15/16. The team fees will support the age group division specific costs (MSYSA carding, league fees and refs, four tournaments, coaches fees, winter training, technical training, field rentals for games/practice and off the field educational opportunities for families). The club dues ($275 per player) will go towards supporting our continued growth and planning for future expansion. In addition, the club dues will fund storage fees, additional soccer equipment, field and equipment repairs, more netting and other capital improvements at our home fields at Chapelgate Christian Academy. It will also fund marketing efforts, accounting services and much more. Finally, we will create a field acquisition investment fund so that we can plan for future expansion. 

Other Benefits

  • 100% Licensed Coaching Staff-Including National Soccer Coaches Association of America, United States Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer
  • All-inclusive price for participants for the year
  • Special programs (performance training, sport psychology, nutrition and wellness, goalkeeping training and college assistance program). 
  • "Pick up with the Pros" - allows unstructured social play with pro appearances on select Friday nights.
  • Age appropriate Player Development Plan
  • Player evaluations
  • Coaches evaluated and mentored by the Technical Director and volunteer coaches mentored by Director of Player Development
  • Opportunity to travel Internationally and represent Ellicott City Soccer Club abroad
  • Guest practice and play within the club, including moving up teams and age groups when appropriate
  • Participation in proper level of play
  • Club wide functions including the CITY Kickoff BBQ in the Fall and the CITY Awards Night. 

Travel uniform Kit for 2016/2017. Required by all players. Cost is $325 and includes: (orders due 6/15)

  1. Two game jerseys (Black and Yellow); Jersey's are numbered.
  2. Two pairs of black shorts
  3. Two pairs of socks (Black/white combo and Yellow)
  4. Two training tops for practice (short sleeve)
  5. Backpack with CITY logo and player initials. (logo and initials will be added after delivery)
  6. Zip-up jacket and pants. Jacket is numbered.
  7. CITY car magnet for your vehicle.

Player jersey numbers will be issued by the club.  The uniform package will be ordered from our partner through an online ordering site and payment will be due no later than June 15th, 2016. The online ordering instructions will be emailed after the team acceptance has been paid. Once the uniform is ordered, it is non-refundable.  We will have two uniform-sizing nights where we will have sample sizes of all team required apparel. Currently, our uniform try-on dates will be May 25th and June 8th from 6:30-8:00 pm. Location details to follow.

Payment Options:

We offer two payment options for our team fees + club membership dues (and optional volunteer opt-out fee)

  1. Pay in Full: We offer a 10% discount off of the team fees if the 2016-2017 full amount (team fees + club membership dues + the optional "volunteer opt out fee") is paid up front when the team offer is accepted online. 
  2. Installment Plan: Pay the full amount due (team fees + club membership dues) over four installment payments with automatic recurring billing. (ARB on a credit card). The first payment is due when the offer is accepted online and consists of the club membership dues ($275) + 1/4 of the team fees + the optional "volunteer opt-out fee" . The remaining payments will be automatically charged on 7/1, 9/1, and 11/1 and consist each of 1/4 of the team fees + $15 per payment processing fee. 

There is a $100 discount for families that have more than one player in our travel program. 

Payment for the travel uniform:
Once the step above is completed on our website (Select 'Pay in Full" or Installment Plan"), we will upload team rosters to our uniform partner That will generate an email to you that instructs you how to place the order for the travel uniform. (Expect to receive uniform emails 1st week of June) This payment is due in full by 6/15/16. The uniforms will be delivered directly to your house prior to the start of the 2016/2017 season.

CITY Volunteer expectations and "Opt-out Fee"- $100 per account/family

Not only does volunteering support the club philosophy of development of the player on and off the field, but it also fosters a club culture and serves as a platform to create strong relationships between CITY families, coaches, players, and staff. 

As a member of CITY, we expect the families of our players to volunteer four hours per season or eight hours per year. However, if you are unable to fulfill this request, you may choose to opt out and pay the volunteer opt-out fee of $100 per account/family at the time of registration. To ensure the success of our programs, we rely heavily on volunteers. Here are examples of volunteer opportunities within CITY that utilizes club members to function and to keep costs down for our participants.

  • Our free Special Needs Clinic, "Schools Out" and Homeschooled Families clinics, and our Pathway Program.
  • Club-wide events such as the CITY Kickoff BBQ, Bingo Night and the Spring Golf/Raffle Fundraiser, all of which help support our Scholarship Fund. 
  • CITY will host our first club tournament in October 2016. The Ellicott City Soccer CUP. 
  • CITY supports community events
  • Concession stand at home matches as a service to the families attending games.
  • Field set up and tear down.
  • Lining of the fields.

Financial Assistance

CITY has awarded over $45,000 in scholarships over the last two years through our need-based scholarship program. Applications must be submitted in order to receive assistance. Please contact upon making a team for further details. CITY will also request families that receive financial assistance to volunteer 16 additional hours in the 2016-2017 year. (A total of 24 hours)

Refund Policy

Teams are formed at tryouts and each player is an integral part of the team and the club.  Your team cannot function without you! Therefore, our refund policy is designed to protect the team and the club,  refunds will be considered only in extreme circumstances for the following reasons:

  • Player moving out of the area.
  • Severe injury or illness that prevents the player from participating for the remainder of the season (requires note from a physician).
  • Player cannot be placed or is removed from a team. Please contact our Executive Director at

The amount to be pro-rated at time of request for refund will reflect an administrative fee of $200.  Uniform Fees:  Once the uniform is ordered, it is non-refundable.  All online processing fees are non-refundable.


Technical Training

Ellicott City Soccer Club will include one weekly session of technical training for the Travel Program participants. We will have some of the finest technical trainers available to work with our players. This will be included in the club fee and will take place during the fall and spring seasons for eight weeks each season. The tech training will allow for intra-club movement amongst the players and staff.


Player development is the foundation of our club.  Focus on technique is vital for all players, especially our younger players.  All CITY coaches will use age-appropriate activities in training sessions to maximize and ensure proper player development.  This includes the use of small-sided games and activities that not only maximize touches on the ball but help to increase a player’s tactical awareness and decision-making abilities. These activities are adaptable and will be modified to challenge all levels of players and teams.  The Technical Director will work with coaches to ensure CITY training guidelines are followed.

Speed and Agility

Derek Philips and Inside Out Performance has partnered with CITY for performance training and movement education. Inside Out Performance sessions will be included in the club fee and will be held during the technical training sessions. CITY knows the importance of this specialty program to the overall development of the individual. 

GK Training

The Ellicott City Soccer Club believes the goalkeeping position is one of the most important positions on the field.  The keeper is the last line of defense and the first line of attack.  In order to become a goalkeeper and not just someone who plays in goal, it takes special skills and training. Ellicott City Soccer Club is committed to providing quality training for every keeper. Training will cover all of the technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of goalkeeping to build a solid foundation for each keeper. Training will be held for eight weeks during each season and will be included in the fees and open to all members of the club and will take place during technical training.

CITY Resources

Nutrition and Wellness

CITY believes in the overall development of the participants. The right food and drink choices can help you perform better, increase your edge above the competition and become a better athlete.  Athletes, especially younger athletes, must pay attention to their nutritional status to maximize their performance and achieve optimal results. Our Healthy Play initiative uses funding from the Horizon Foundation to promote healthy choices for our players. 

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology involves services directed towards helping athletes to better meet the demands of their sport.  The primary emphasis in sports psychology is to address the psychological, emotional, and environmental aspects that impact an athlete’s performance and sporting experience.  Sports psychology can help athletes to overcome low self-confidence, overcome poor motivation, improve performance and cope with adjustment issues due to injuries. In addition, sport psychology can improve unity and cohesion within a team and enhance the experience of youth sport participants.

College Advisory Partner

Ellicott City Soccer Club and Guiding Future Stars create a partnership to provide an innovative approach to the college recruiting process for players who want to continue their academic and athletic career at the next level. The Exposure and Education Initiative Series is designed to help educate prospective student-athletes to find the school that will provide them the best college experience academically, athletically, and socially. We call this “Finding Your College Experience Trifecta.”