Ellicott CITY CUP Tournament

Welcome to the Ellicott City Cup!


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Field Locations:
Chapelgate Christian Academy 2600 Marriottsville Rd Marriottsville, MD 21104
Western Regional Park 14800 Carrs Mill Road Woodbine, MD 21723

Field Maps: (click to open document map)
Western Regional Park

Tournament Rules: (click to open documents)
CITY CUP Tournament rules and policies
Rules for the 2009 4v4 Festival

2005 8v8 25 minute halves, 5-minute halftime
8v8 25 minute halves, 5-minute halftime
7v7 25 minute halves, 5-minute halftime
7v7 25 minute halves, 5-minute halftime
4v4 25 minute games

 Provide your team's official state roster to the tournament tent on site 45 minutes before the team's first game. Have player cards available for review.
Concessions: We will have coffee, bagels, water, and light healthy food options.

The A-Z Guide to the weekend of October 8th & 9th!

  • A- Always be ready to start on time! Game schedules will be posted soon! We need to keep a tight schedule!
  • B-Bathrooms-We will have Port O Pots on site at Chapelgate on the Scoreboard side of the Stadium. They are along the driveway to the maintenance building. There are also really nice bathrooms at Harris Teeter. Please do not attempt to use the building. No access will be granted.
  • C-Chapelgate Christian Academy has 4 fields located at 2600 Marriotsville Rd. Marriottsville MD. 21104. The building will be closed to all participants. Please do not knock on school/church buildings or enter the church building to use restrooms.
  • D-Directions to 2600 Marriotsville Rd. Marriottsville MD 21104.
  • E-Ellicott City Soccer Club (www.ellicottcitysc.org) is the host!
  • F-Fields at Chapelgate Christian Academy are not great right now. We apologize for the condition of the fields and know it is not the standard we would like to have. We are working closely with CCA to manage that.
  • G-Games will be 25 minute halves in length for all age groups except the 4x4 which will be 25 minute games. You are guaranteed at least three games except the 2009s get four.
  • H-home team listed first on schedule needs to change the jersey color in case of conflict.
  • I-Injuries-We will have a trainer at the main CiTy Tournament tent
  • J-Join other teams from your club in designated tent areas on site
  • K-Keep Chapelgate Clean-there will be many trash cans and recycle bins available throughout the campus
  • M-Marshals will do the coin toss before the games and will manage each field. If you have any issues then please see the Field Marshals wearing the yellow VOLUNTEER Vests.
  • N-No parents are allowed on the stadium fields #1 & #2 in order to help preserve the surface. Please set up outside the fence and we encourage families to watch from the stands for your own safety
  • O-Off the OUTFIELDS-please keep all parents, players and siblings off the outfields located near fields 3 & 4
  • P-Park in the City Parking spaces. Please follow the signs to parking and park in designated areas. Leave handicap spaces for those with proper handicap plates. Do not park in the neighborhoods (Albeth Street) adjacent to Chapelgate. 
  • Q-Questions can be answered at the Tournament Headquarters Tent located by the Stadium field on the brick pavers next to field #1
  • R-Ryerson Soccer Tournament Series is running this tournament-Tournament contact is Tim Ryerson at 443-452-8356.
  • S-Schedules will be posted soon! We will also post on site!
  • T-Turf Valley Towne Square has all your needs. Water, Clean bathrooms, fruit and great eats! 11075 Resort Road Ellicott City MD 21042
  • W-Welcome to City Cup!